Stop The Moisture Build Up In Your Home, And Clean The Efflorescence Today!

Stellar Service

Weinstein Retrofitting has the techniques and skills to determine any moisture problems under or around your home. We offer a free diagnosis of what may be causing the efflorescence.

Always be Prepared

Efflorescence is not commonly associated with being dangerous to the human body. It is however, structurally harmful since it signifies a sign of moisture problems, and moisture can severely weaken a home if not taken care of in a timely manner.

Let's Stop the Moisture.

To prevent efflorescence, we need to put water in its place! A vapor barrier, coating, or sealant may be the best solution to stop the leakage. Vapor barriers can prevent the movement of moisture whereas sealants prevent surface water from penetrating slabs.

The Water Will Come

Efflorescence occurs when salts and other moist materials come to the surface of concrete. It comes to life by low temperatures, moist conditions, condensation, rain, dew, and any form of moisture to penetrate or surface on concrete.

Gabion Used for Costal and River protection Gabion Structure Gabion used as a Retaing Wall
Close Up of Gabion Gabion Used as Ditch Cover Highway Gabion Retaing Wall


Efflorescence is commonly found in:

  • Concrete Walls
  • Concrete Footing
  • Concrete Slab Surface
  • Driveway Surface
  • Mortar and Brick
  • Basement Walls
  • Crawl Space Walls
  • Masonry Retaining Walls


They did such a great job that I've recomended them to all my friends, even a few neighbors who saw the work and were very impressed

– Steve

After the Earthquake in Hati, we decided to have Weinstein Construction come to inspect our home, and were very suprised to see how vulnrable we actually were. Thanks to WCC we now feel comfortable with our home and our childrens protection.

– Joel and Nancy

After having gone through 3 major earthquakes in my time living in Southern California, it was a great relief to know that after years of uncertantity my home is now the safest it has ever been thanks to Weinstein Construction.

– Diane

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Weinstein Construction offers high-grade products & services as part of its mission to provide you with an excellent construction experience. Our concrete & masonry craftsmanship gives you the satisfaction of choosing the right specialist for the job. With more than 30 years of experience, we service Los Angeles, SFV, Orange County, Ventura County, & surrounding areas. Our inspections for homeowners are FREE of charge! Call or email us today!