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Brick Foundation Repair in Los Angeles

Retrofitting California | Comments Off on Brick Foundation Repair in Los Angeles
Brick Foundation Repair in Los Angeles

Brick Foundation Repair In Los Angeles

Many homes in Los Angeles are built with brick foundations. Brick is a great material for building foundations. Not only is it strong, brick foundations also have outstanding curb appeal. However, over time these brick foundations can begin to degrade. Plus depending on how long ago your home was built, your brick foundation may not have rebar nor any other type of reinforced steel. Today that will be classified as unreinforced masonry and it’s questionable if it will be able survive a moderate or stronger earthquake. Give us a call and we can offer you excellent brick foundation repair options.

Signs Of Foundation Problems

There are a number of signs your brick foundation is already starting to degrade. If you see places in your foundation where bricks have fallen out, doors or windows stick or don’t close or open properly, there are cracks in the foundation, exterior or interior walls and ceilings, water seepage, uneven floors, cracks in the floors or walls or the walls have separated from the floors or ceilings, these are all signs of degradation in your brick foundation. Don’t wait until your entire foundation crumbles. Give us a call. We have many years of experience with these issues and specialize in a number of very effective techniques we can use to strengthen your foundation and make sure your home safe and sturdy.

Foundation Repair Methods

Our first step will be to thoroughly inspect your foundation. We will then recommend the best solution for strengthening your brick foundation. Some of the technique we offer include:

1. Installing A Sister Foundation
2. Foundation Replacement
3. Jack and Lift
4. Add Pile Supported Underpinning

We can also do a number of preventative repairs to stop the brick foundation of your home from buckling or becoming bowed which leads to a much more expensive problem.

General Services

If your brick foundation home has already begun to develop problems caused by your foundation beginning to degrade, there are a number of things we can do to address them. Some of those services include:

Foundation Inspection
Brick Foundation Repair
Basement Waterproofing
Concrete Foundation Wall Repair
Foundation Repair Or Replacement
Foundation Underpinning
Hillside Or Oceanfront Foundation Repair
Foundations Reinforcement

Simply give us a call and we can schedule an inspection and discuss your options for solving your current brick foundation problems and preventing further ones. This will make your home safer and stronger without losing its curb appeal. However, the longer you wait the more serious and widespread the problems could become. So call us today.

Preventative Maintenance

Even if you’ve lived in a brick foundation home for years and haven’t noticed any signs the foundation has begun to break down, you should still give us a call. We can come in and do preventative maintenance that will make your brick foundation stronger and keep it looking good. Homes in Los Angeles with brick foundations are at greater risk for breaking down because of the seismic activity in the region. By having potential issues addressed preemptively you can save yourself money and heartbreak while protecting yourself, your loved ones and your precious possessions.

An Experienced Team

We have been working to protect and repair homes with brick foundations for many years. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians can assess your foundation and explain to you the steps they can take to protect, reinforce and repair your brick foundation efficiently and effectively. Our years of experience and connections in the industry enables us to offer you the highest quality work at affordable prices. We also specialize in a number of innovative techniques that will keep the underpinnings of your brick foundation home safe, solid and secure for years to come.

Be Proactive

Many people with older or vintage homes with brick foundations may have foundation problems brewing of which they are not yet aware. They may be experiencing seemingly random issues that seem minor. Taken together they could be a sign of serious problems with their brick foundation. Calling in an experienced, licensed professional to take a look at your brick foundation is the wisest course of action. Waiting for a serious problem to occur before seeking professional help can potentially expose you and your loved ones to unnecessary risk. Having a foundation inspection done now can give you the peace of mind of knowing your home’s brick foundation is structurally sound.

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Don’t Ignore The Signs

Sloping floors, cracks and hairline fractures and spaces in tiles, floors and walls, are all signs of foundation problems and get worse over time. They are not just unsightly, they also indicate disproportionate weight distribution and signal it may be time to bring in a professional to perform a foundation check up. Some people may attempt to patch up or put a Band-Aid on the problem. But if you want to make sure your home is safe and sturdy and won’t collapse over time, give us a call. We will do an honest, thorough evaluation and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Cause of Foundation Cracks

Foundation cracks can be caused by many things. When the concrete holding it together cures, it shrinks. This often leads to cracks. Shifting soil under a home can also cause cracks in the foundation. Seismic activity can lead to the brick foundation repair Los Angeles homes need. Cracks can allow water or bugs to get into your home and small cracks will grow if they’re not immediately fixed. Plus brick foundation cracks aren’t only ugly, they negatively impact the home’s structural integrity and reduce its value. If you see foundation cracks call us right away.

Leave Foundation Repairs To The Pros

Some people think they can handle brick foundation repair themselves and save money. This can be a dangerous thing to do. The brick foundation repair Los Angeles homes need require special tools and techniques. We have the skilled staff, equipment, expertise and experience necessary to handle the issues you’re having with the brick foundation on your home and preserve its structural integrity.