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Hillside Stabilization

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Hillside Stabilization

Hillside Stabilization Protects Your Hillside Home from Destruction

Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Your Home with Hillside Stabilization – We Can Help You Beat Mother Nature!

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems offers the best solutions for hillside stabilization and has performed thousands of hillside stabilization projects throughout Southern California, especially in LA, Altadena, Pasadena, Hollywood Hills, Malibu, Topanga Canyon and other hillside regions.

hillside stabilization los angelesThe destructive nature of the Northridge earthquake of ’94 showed us that many homes are in need of hillside stabilization.  Collapsing hillsides caused many deaths during that time. There are still thousands of homes that need these services, and new construction building codes require that hillside stabilization of the highest standards be enforced. The problem is that most of these existing homes are older and lack the proper stabilization to survive their hillside location, especially during the next major earthquake, which is predicted to happen within about a decade.

There are a few main reasons why your home may need hillside stabilization other than earthquakes and a variety of methods and products that can help stabilize it. As an owner of a hillside home, there are measures you can take to stabilize your home, as well as prevent landslide failure long before signs begin to show. Sometimes, once signs do show, it may already be too late for hillside stabilization before your house may give in and slide, especially during persistent rainy seasons.

Hillside Stabilization/Landslide Remediation/Hillside Terracing

Many homes in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, that exist on hillside locations, face the serious risk of sliding off the hill. Rainwater and erosion can chip away at the edge of cliffs, causing homes to become unstable. This is commonly seen in the Hollywood Hills and Malibu. Weinstein Retrofitting Systems offers the most up-to-code solutions for offering landslide remediation, hillside terracing, and hillside stabilization. We can utilize several hillside stabilization techniques, from ancient to modern, and we are one of the very few who does this in the Los Angeles area. Hillside stabilization projects do not have to be very costly, especially if you are taking preventative measures on your older home long before signs of failure begin to show. Sometimes, hillside stabilization projects become so complicated that choosing a contractor for the job will be as crucial as the job itself. Weinstein Retrofitting Systems has the experience to offer you life-saving hillside stabilization solutions. We’ve seen it all. There is no stabilization project we can’t solve!

Gabions and Gabion Baskets for Preventative Hillside Stabilization

hillside stabilization

Gabion System

We offer various forms of gabion systems, which consist of twist tie and welded baskets that contain hand placed solid rock. Gabions, gabion baskets, and gabion wall designs are a very effective and aesthetically pleasing way to retain hillside soil from falling into your yard, home or property. This form of construction has been around for centuries, and Weinstein Retrofitting Systems is one of the very few that offers this for homeowners in Southern California.

Homeowners are still learning about the benefits of using gabion systems for their homes, which are traditionally used on large commercial spaces and projects, such as schools and parks, due to their natural make-up of materials and longevity.

Caissons and Grade Beams for Hillside Stabilization in New Construction and for Older Homes

hillside stabilization caissons

Caissons and grade beams are needed for many hillside homes in Southern California. They are a deep pile of structural concrete, which support the home from underneath it, dug several feet into the ground ensuring that your home or property will not face any risk of sliding off the foundation or down the hill. Caissons are required for new home construction for hillside homes and go highly recommended for older homes that do not have them for adequate hillside stabilization. Caissons are the “aircraft carriers” of hillside stabilization techniques.

Retaining Wall Design: Engineering and Construction for Any Hillside Retention Project

hillside stabilization

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are an effective and common way to fight back against soil that tries to slide into your yard, home, or property. Weinstein Retrofitting Systems can design and build the perfect retaining wall solution, ensuring that your home has reliable preventative hillside stabilization and is protected for a long time. Don’t let run off soil ruin your home. We can custom look any kind of design you like, and we can offer different building materials and different retaining wall solutions and uses.

Contact Weinstein Retrofitting Systems for a Free Hillside Stabilization Estimate & Inspection Today!