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earthquake retrofitting

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Foundation Solutions

There are foundation solutions for every problem.

Weinstein Construction will help you come up with the right foundation solution for your home.

Foundation Solutions

Foundation Solutions can fix cracked foundations.

Every cracked foundation has a solution.

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems is Southern California’s #1 Foundation Repair and Replacement Specialist. We are a general contractor who specializes in foundation solutions. One of our highly trained foundation inspectors, whether you have a crawl space, basement, or slab, will inspect the condition of your existing foundation. If there are any apparent problems, such as cracks, moisture, foundation settlement, or any other kind of structural deterioration, our inspectors will draw up an affordable plan to restore your foundation to a healthy state. Our inspections are free of charge, and we have provided over 60,000 free foundation inspections throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and Orange County!

Our Foundation Solutions Services

Foundation Repair

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems will implement the perfect solution strategy for any foundation repair job throughout Southern California. Contact us for a free inspection!

New Foundation

Foundation Replacement is needed when the concrete is cracked all along the perimeter of the foundation. We will examine all foundation failure symptoms free of charge!

Sister Foundation

Some older homes rest on unreinforced brick, masonry, stone, and river rock foundations unsuitable for a long lasting home.

Foundation Underpinning

Foundation Settlement can severely change the load-bearing capacities of walls throughout your home. Contact us for a free inspection to add strength and support to your home!

Pier Support

Withstand the Big One with adequate or extra pier support underneath your home.

Foundation Crack Repair

Hairline cracks in the concrete need reinforcement. Epoxy treatments are available.

Slab Concrete Repair

If you notice any large cracks in the slab floor in any room of the house including the garage, then we can help assess the damage and provide the solution.

Driveway and Sidewalk Repair

Cracking and buckling of outdoor concrete around your home can create unsafe conditions as well as become an eyesore.