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Yard Drainage

Yard Drainage Solutions

Resolving Messy Yard Drainage Problems

Yard Drainage

A flood in your yard can be the result of improper drainage

Rainfall is the periodic catalyst that sets yard drainage problems in gear. Homes with poor yard drainage or no yard drainage can become severely flooded. Add heavy rainfall to a high water table and the potential for damage increases exponentially.

Water that pools in the yard of your home due to rainfall, among other reasons, is water that misbehaves. Water will damage the home in ways that may or may not be obvious to the homeowner.

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems offers a wide range of yard drainage solutions when you call to schedule an inspection in Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Canoga Park, Beverly Hills, & nearby in CA.

Our goal is simple: we put water where it belongs!

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Why is Yard Drainage Needed?

Yard Drainage to Protect Your Home

Yard Drainage

When water doesn’t evacuate from your yard, that’s the sign you need to look at your pipes.

Yard drainage is needed because, without it, homes will face weakness in their structural integrity. Water damages concrete, and without yard drainage, water will pool and flood the areas outside the home and seep through the concrete footing of the foundation causing it to crack. This can also lead to shifting soils, which happens when the clay or adobe soil underneath the home shrinks or expands with becoming wet or dry. Not controlling the water behavior in and around your home will cause your home to crack and shift, and can leave your home thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.


Yard Drainage to Protect Your Landscape

yard drainage

Flooded walkways are a sign your yard drainage is in need of repair.

When we think of the ideal “Proud Homeowner,” we think of a well maintained exterior and beautiful presentation of the home. We know the value of this kind of maintenance. Yard drainage saves all of your landscaping efforts in the wet and rainy seasons. Without yard drainage, all the work homeowners put into their gardens and landscaping can be wasted.

Yard Drainage to Protect Your Walkways

Yard Drainage

Weinstein Construction has solutions to fix problems like this.

Most walkway applications such as driveways, sidewalks, and footpaths, whether they are made of concrete, brick, or mortar, run a high risk of becoming weakened and cracked. They are costly to repair. Reliable and well-designed yard drainage solutions will prevent the deterioration of the walkways around your home, adding an extra level of safety and peace of mind.

Yard Drainage is important.

Flooding can occur with no warning and cause serious damage. Proper drainage can help.

Yard Drainage Problems

Here is a list of commonly known reasons as to what causes yard drainage problems. These problems severely threaten the structural integrity and physical presentation of your home:

– Rainfall
– Soil Erosion
– Flashfloods & Mudslides
– Poor Irrigation
– Roof Water
– Tree Roots
– Flat Yard with No Sloping
– Flaws in Architectural and Landscape Design

What Happens to Your Home?

Yard Drainage

Water flooded in your garage can get into your foundation.

Simply put, your home has the potential to become a sinking ship during the rainfall season. Water can rise to levels reaching the entrances around your home and can even restrict access. Below-grade rooms and basements can become easily penetrated with water and then flooded. Mold takes about 48 hours to form in your flooded basement or subgrade space, which is detrimental to your home and your health.

Flooded Lawn

Yard Drainage

A flooded yard does not make for a happy home.

A flooded lawn can affect the feel of your home and limits the use of the outside area as it becomes inaccessible. If your lawn becomes flooded, it increases the likelihood of killing the grass, plants, and flowers. Among other things, a flooded lawn can compromise the holding of any garden or hillside retaining wall. Flooded lawns may be attributed to rainfall as well as poor irrigation (especially if flooding occurs in the off-rainy seasons).

Roof Water

Yard Drainage

Water from your roof needs a place to go. Proper yard drainage will help with that.

Water that falls on the roof can cause severe damage to your home without the proper yard drainage installed to mitigate the damages. Sometimes, rainfall water does not properly exit the roof due to obstructed gutters or downspouts that do not extend far away enough from the house. Water can fall and pool in the areas adjacent to the home, causing damage to the concrete footing of the foundation.

Roots in Drain Pipe

Yard Drainage

Tree roots can get into your pipes and wreak havoc with your drainage systems.

Tree roots can penetrate into the drain pipes installed around the perimeter of your home, causing them to clog, break, and be rendered ineffective. Solutions include root clean-up and removing or relocating the tree causing the disturbance. It may also be possible to redirect the placement of the drain pipes to avoid disturbance from vegetation.

Why Weinstein Retrofitting Systems is the Best in Yard Drainage Solutions

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems offers the best yard drainage solutions and yard drainage designs here in Southern California for homeowners. We stand behind our solutions and provide warranties for some of our specialized products. It takes dedicated and experienced professionals to provide a yard drainage solution that is unique to your home. We have seen it all before. With over 65,000 homes inspected, Weinstein Retrofitting has built a list of over 7,000 satisfied clients.

Some of our solutions include yard sloping, French drain, dry well, and drainage basin installation, as well as numerous other methods.

Call or contact us today to see why Weinstein Retrofitting Systems is the best in yard drainage solutions.

Call Toll-Free (877) 690-0926

We provide yard drainage solutions in Santa Monica, Venice, Brentwood, Canoga Park, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, & nearby cities in California.