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earthquake retrofitting

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About Weinstein

Pictured are some of Weinstein Construction's knowledgeable experts and inspectors.

Part of the Weinstein Construction Family.


The Weinstein Crew

Hello, my name is Itzcik Weinstein, President and Owner of The Weinstein Construction Corporation and its subsidiary Weinstein Retrofitting Systems. We are a privately owned family company established before 1980 and located in the San Fernando Valley right in the heart of Earthquake Country.

Weinstein Office Crew

Weinstein Office Crew

Weinstein Retrofitting Systems has earned the reputation of being your neighborhood expert in seismic safety. As a homeowner, husband, father, and a general contractor for more than 30 years, I am committed to providing the best possible quakeproofing services to residents of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Because of our commitment to quality and service, we have become the largest earthquake retrofitting company in Southern California.


Southern California is very diverse in terms of structural development, therefore, our experience ranges from one story, single family residences right through to quadruple complexes and commercial office buildings. By securely fastening these structures to their foundation and securely connecting all of the components together, the chances of any building withstanding the next earthquake are greatly improved. While geologists all over the world unanimously agree that Southern California will in fact be struck by the Big One, naturally no one can accurately predict how your home will withstand it. It’s reassuring, however, to know that you can take the best possible step in seismic protection.

Strengthening your home to resist earthquakes and minimize earthquake damage is the best way to protect the investment you have in your home. The Weinstein Team of Certified Quakeproofers will inspect your home at NO COST to you and provide you with a detailed report on your existing foundation and any past earthquake damage your home may have sustained. We will draw up an affordable plan for you to protect your home from earthquake damage and your loved ones from risk of injury.

Retrofitted homes are safer to live in, practical to sell and easier to insure. While earthquake insurance is available today, it is extremely expensive, has high deductibles and high percentages of co-insurance. Although this type of insurance is available to help make repairs after an earthquake, it will never replace the priceless treasures collected over the years: the things that turn a house into something much more, your home.

Since the Northridge earthquake of 1994 we have inspected thousands of homes and successfully retrofitted over 7,000 of them in accordance with the LA Department of Building and Safety, as well as FEMA’s guidelines.

Please don’t let your home be at risk any longer and let my team of Quakeproofers do all that they can to serve you best. The

Weinstein Crew

looks forward to working with you and are focused on one thing only: to provide you with an excellent construction experience today!