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Ever Get That Sinking Feeling?

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Ever Get That Sinking Feeling?

Drainage Issues at a Local School Create a Crater on the Basketball Court

A high school in Huntington Park has made recent news for the large scale “sinkhole” that has emerged in the play ground area of its campus. The word, “sinkhole”, however, is something of a misnomer, though. The huge indentation in the pavement was caused by damages of what is being referred to as a “man-made water collection basin” or, what is more commonly known as a “catch basin”.

Although the catch basin was showing signs of damage months prior, it has only been monitored until reaching this point of no return. The pavement has now collapsed into the manufactured underground hole and it has become, more than unsightly, a safety hazard and, thus, a concern for school officials.



The case in Huntington Park is not an isolated incident, however. According to local news outlets, it would appear that the failure of catch basins has occurred at other schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, albeit not nearly on the same scale as that of Huntington Park. Despite the reassurance of officials that the situation is under control, this situation is no doubt causing concern for those who live in the area. Proper installation of a drainage system is key for optimal performance. Further, it is imperative to repair any type of drainage system that is showing signs up wear and tear to avoid a situation such as the one in Huntington Park.

To give some background, a catch basin is a type of drainage solution used to collect rainwater, rather than have it collect in and flood surrounding streets. We at Weinstein Construction use these kind of devices for yard drainage projects and storm water leaching. This solution is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Knowing that rain is somewhat of a rarity in Southern California, a system such as the Flo-Well Storm Water Leaching System is the perfect tool for collecting the water that, in our drought-stricken state, we so desperately need.

There are multitude of ways in which drainage systems can be incredibly beneficial for owners of property. Finding the right drainage systems will help to avoid flooding and mitigate water damage and pooling in and around your home. Weinstein Construction knows the ups, downs, ins, and outs of drainage solutions and our expertise will help to determine what the best drainage system is for your individual needs. Your property will stay dry and safe from unnecessary water invasion and storm water will be corralled and used effectively to benefit your home and yard.

Call Weinstein Construction today for all of your drainage solutions!