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TopLandslide Remediation/Hillside Terracing

Many homes in Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas that exist on hillside locations face the serious risk of sliding off the hill. Rainwater and erosion can chip away at the edge of cliffs, causing homes to become unstable. This is commonly seen in the Hollywood Hills and Malibu. Weinstein Retrofitting Systems offers the most up-to-code solutions for offering landslide remediation, hillside terracing, and hillside stabilization.


We offer various forms of gabion systems, which consist of twist tie and welded baskets that contain hand placed solid rock. Gabions, gabion baskets, and gabion wall designs are a very effective measure and aesthetically pleasing way to retain hillside soil from falling into your yard, home, or property. This form of construction has been around for centuries, and Weinstein Retrofitting Systems is one of the very few that offers this for homeowners in Southern California.


Caissons and grade beams are needed for many hillside homes in Southern California. They are deep pile structural concrete, which support the home from underneath it, dug several feet into the ground ensuring that your home or property will not face any risk of sliding off the foundation or down the hill.

TopRetaining Walls

Retaining walls are an effective and common way to fight back against soil that tries to slide into your yard, home, or property. Weinstein Retrofitting Systems can design and build the perfect retaining wall solution, ensuring that your home is protected for a long time.