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The Rain Is Here!

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The Rain Is Here!

How to Keep Your Home Safe in Stormy Weather

You may have gotten a little taste of actual weather in California over the weekend and thought ‘Hey, this isn’t so bad’, but brace yourself because more rain is on its way. That said, don’t get too excited just yet. As rare of a treat as rain is in California, this weather can spell disaster for your home if you are not properly equipped with the right drainage system. With weather forecasts predicting flash flooding, rockslides, and mudslides that could shut down freeways and claim both homes and properties alike, it is best to start thinking ahead to be proactive rather than reactive.

Without proper drainage systems, your home may be facing the threat of serious water-related catastrophe in the upcoming rainy season. Water damage includes a variety of serious issues. With heavy rains, one major concern is flooding. If your home does not have proper drainage, its entire inside can flood and, if the rain is bad enough, you might find your flooring and prized possessions ruined by water. Additionally, your basement and crawl spaces may flood too, leading to further damage to the structure of your home. The presence of water in a vulnerable home can also lead to mold, which can cause allergies as well as other health issues. Perhaps the biggest issue associated with water damage due to heavy rain is what happens when the flow of water ends up going all the way down to the ground around your home. Water seeping into the base of your home can destroy the foundation and, ultimately, lead to its collapse.

Stormy Weather

Storms can cause floods and floods can destroy your home.

Protect your home now before it’s too late.


It is much easier to plan ahead for the threat of disaster rather than have to deal with the fallout of a home in need of serious repair. Weinstein Construction Company has a wide variety of drainage systems to fit your individual needs as a homeowner and can ensure that you, your loved ones, and your property will be protected in the event of bad weather to come. For starters, we perform what is called a “water test”. This is when we come to your home and simulate the effects of a heavy rain to gauge how well prepared your drainage systems are to handle such weather and, if they are not, where the main points of moisture issues are in your home. This way, you don’t have to wait for a storm to hit to find out for yourself. If we find that there is cause for concern, we will work with you to come up with the best plan of action in installing proper drainage systems so that your home will be safe and secure.

Stormy Weather

Proper drainage can protect your home.


With the selection of different drainage systems offered, you will surely find what you need to properly outfit your home for potentially bad weather. Among the variety of drainage systems, our tools and services include French drains, waterproofing protection, crawl space drainage systems, storm drains and rain drain systems, channel drains, and patented wet basement drainage systems. One of our most environmentally conscious tools is the Flo-Well Storm Water Leaching System, which collects and discharges storm water into the subsoil, thus reusing it and keeping water away from your foundation and avoiding potential damage. With California in its current state of drought, this system is one of the most helpful ways to conserve and reuse water of which there is very little of to go around.

If you are concerned about water in your home, contact Weinstein Construction Company today for a Free Drainage Systems Installation Inspection & Estimate!