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Drainage Systems Venice

Drainage Systems in Venice, CA

Protect your beach-side home from becoming beached in.

If you own a home or apartment in Venice Beach, California, an adequate drainage system is one of the best ways to protect your property. Drainage systems are necessary when water pools in or around your home. This includes any moisture found underneath your home in the crawl space or basement.

The severity of drainage problems can range from mild to severe. Cracking in the concrete walls of your foundation most of the time occurs when water penetrates through the concrete. With so many older homes in Venice Beach, cracking concrete is a dangerous condition for your home. Consider this: the nature of concrete is to crack. What’s more, older homes were built without rebar or steel embedded into the concrete. While the concrete underneath your home may be cracking due to drainage problems, your home may be sitting on top of a crumbling cake.

Save your coffee for the local shops Venice Beach is famous for!

All properties in Venice Beach need drainage systems. Here’s why: Venice is adjacent to a local watershed. This means that this is prime real estate for surface water and groundwater to make its way to the ocean, especially when it rains.

Torrential rainfall will always create problems if the right solution is not in place. Just because your home or property may be old, and many of them are in Venice, then this doesn’t mean that your home doesn’t deserve the special care that Weinstein Retrofitting Systems has provided to over 7,000 homes throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

We make the entire building process a customer-centric experience, placing you in the driver’s seat. Exceptional customer satisfaction has kept us in business for over 35 years, which adds credibility when we say we’ve got you covered for the next 25 years on drainage systems products and solutions in Venice Beach, California.

Don’t delay until your property or yard becomes flooded in the next rain. Call now to schedule an inspection. Homeowners always receive a free consultation and estimate.

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